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The Basics of Eyelash Extensions

July 12, 2019

The Basics of Eyelash Extensions

If you find the concept of eyelash extensions confusing, you’re not the only one. 

Eyelash extensions might not be as simple as clip-on hair extensions, but they are a trend worth exploring. If you find these luscious lashes calling your name, here’s what you need to know before tossing your falsies.

You can choose the lashes that are right for you.

We are all going for different looks. Luckily, lash extensions can help you achieve the type of glamour that best fits your style. Lash extensions come in a wide variety of materials including silky or faux mink lashes. Then, think about the style. Do you want classic lashes? Something more voluminous? A more hybrid look that blends the two? Check out what Fancy That is offering before you book an appointment. 

You will look and feel like a new person.

You probably already wear some sort of makeup on your eyelashes, but eyelash extensions can really elevate the look you are going for! So, what is the real difference between mascara, falsies, and extensions? 

For starters, extensions are much more lush compared to mascara. One appointment at Fancy That! and it will be bye-bye to your favorite mascara brand! You can feel the difference between regular mascara and fake eyelashes once they’re on. Just bat your new mesmerizing lashes to notice how much more full and luxurious your face feels. 

Extensions are also more secure than disposable falsies. Step out of the studio and you won’t have to have to deal with the embarrassment of having your whole falsie partly peel off. No one wants that to be what everyone is talking about the morning after the party! Even if one individual lash extension falls off, it will just look like losing a normal eyelash. Crisis avoided.

Lash extensions are trendy for a reason. They provide a beauty transformation that will make you feel like a model every day and into the night.

The application process is detail-oriented.

The main question you might be asking is… How exactly do eyelash extensions work? Let’s just say they are quite different from the extensions you clip in your hair. 

For starters, you should show up to your appointment with no trace of eye makeup to make sure that the adhesive that is used will have no problem sticking to your eye. 

Next, your lash technician will tape down your bottom lashes with a paper strip so they can focus on your top row of lashes and keep things clean. The process will require you to keep your eyes closed for quite some time - so you may want to avoid drinking coffee or anything that could make you too jittery to sit still. 

The technician will then prime your lashes before precisely applying each individual lash one by one with focused precision. The reason this process will take so long is because they will be applying at least 80 to 100 individual lashes on each eye, with tender loving care! The appointment for eyelash extensions can take up to two hours, which may sound grueling, but also shows how precise these lash technicians are. 

Ready to become a lash diva? Book an appointment to try out this hot trend before your next event or to spruce up your current look!

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